The Leadership for the Future Experience
5 DAYS OF INCREDIBLE Transformation for Both Your Life and Business!

Business Hot-seat

Personal Breakthrough

Health Hacks

...And More!
"I'm doing a very powerful event to develop Leadership in BOTH your Life and Business. The world is in a massive state of disruption and it will look absolutely nothing like it does today 10 years or less from today. Education, learning, preparedness and action allows the true leader to see opportunity where others see fear and crisis.

Will you be a leader in this new world and economy? Or will you be left behind?

The learners inherit the earth.

If you’re ready to lead into the future then I have a very limited and unique opportunity for you.

The Leadership for the Future Experience.

Before I explain this experience, let me quickly share this:

There are 5 Dimensions of Leadership and Ultimate Performance:

  •  Philosophy: The foundation of your life and everything you do. Purpose, Vision, Values 
  •  Psychology: Your mindset. Thoughts, Self-Image, Beliefs, Assumptions, Expectations
  •  Physiology: Your body and the energy you do or don’t have
  •  Community: The people that surround you and support you. Either big thinkers or small.
  •  Strategies and Skills: How you go about implementing the 4 previously mentioned dimensions into your Life and Business.
You may very well be strong in one or even two or three dimensions. 
But if you don’t have all five you’re missing out on the biggest window 
of entrepreneurial opportunity the world has ever seen! 
Are you ready to master the 5 Dimensions for both your Life and Business?

Here's the deal: I'm only allowing 10 people to attend.

It's an experience because:
  •  We'll go to the gym together...
  •  We'll eat together...
  •  I've already arranged to introduce you experientially to some of my favorite health hacks, (if you want to have huge impact you have to live longer)...
  •  We’ll have deep discussions regarding the research proving and predicting where things are going; and where the biggest opportunities are (you might be surprised that they’re NOT in technology according to the experts)... 
  •  We'll have personal breakthrough sessions, business hot-seats and much more.
You and 9 other participants will network and we'll build this experience together.We’ll get prepared to lead. 

To win; and to win big!

If you’re ready to invest in your own leadership. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work. If you’re ready to change your life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Then this is a great opportunity for you. 

If you’re not, then that’s okay. True leadership and the price it takes, is not for everyone.

Leaders make quick decisions. I hope you’ll be one.

It’s time to Take Your Power Back!" ~James
April 1st - 5th
September 9th - 13th 
November 11th - 15th 
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