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Ultimate Performance Coaching

Ultimate Performance Coaching with James Arthur Ray

Hello and thanks for your interest in working with me!

I work with a very limited number of clients 1 on 1 each year. This is what we call our Ultimate Performance Executive Package and it’s by application only. However, I also offer Ultimate Performance Group Coaching, which is less hands-on with me but has many amazing benefits!

Ultimate Performance Coaching® is very different from the majority of traditional coaching programs and processes. Working with me unfolds in 5 basic steps.

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Most individuals are the product of social and environmental programming. This programming is highly unconscious. Clarity comes from finding your own inherent and unique genius, your purpose in this lifetime, and what you’re here to contribute. Only with this degree of clarity can you reach flow and fulfillment.

Gaining clarity is often difficult. Many people think their thoughts and intentions are original, but they’re really not in most cases. Most want to tell me what they want but they don’t really even know who they are.

Once clarity is reached, you not only know who you are, but exactly where you’re intending to go with your life. In psychology, you become what is called autotelic: a person fully capable of setting their own goals and thinking their own thoughts. The sense of energy and empowerment received from this is life changing, and it’s completely freeing.


You won’t be alone in this.

Once you’re clear, it’s time to create. Through the Ultimate Performance process, I’ll help you determine specifically what you’re going to create with your new clarity, commitment and power. This creative process comes from a lifetime of business training at AT&T School of Business, building my own Inc. 500 company, and studies of neurosciences, psychology, quantum physics, and many great spiritual traditions. Truth is cross-contextual. 


Let’s face it – most coaches in today’s world are nothing more than accountability partners. I believe this is babysitting. There’s a time and a place for babysitting, but frankly I’m not good at it and I certainly don’t enjoy it. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m probably not your guide. I work with highly successful people who are ready to take their life to a new level of wealth, achievement, fulfillment and significance. To accomplish this, I’m as challenging as needed. I don’t want to make you feel better – I’m fully committed to helping you be better.

When you set out to turn your life and business around, you’ll hit roadblocks both internally and externally. The internal roadblocks (contraction, constriction, self-doubt, self-sabotage, lack of will, etc.) are the most difficult. I’ll challenge you, and help you challenge yourself and your own blocks. These blocks steal your energy, your fulfillment and your dreams.


I’ve been truly blessed to create an impressive list of accomplishments and achievements: New York Times bestselling author; Inc. 500 inductee in 2009 with one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States; annual revenues of $10M; sharing stages and dinners with billionaires (Oprah, Trump, Branson, Adelson); and coaching countless multi-millionaires.

Utilizing all this experience, as well as lessons learned from tremendous crash and burns, comebacks and turnarounds, I’ll collaborate with you and participate in helping you co-create what you desire and deserve for your most ultimate and fulfilling life.


Nothing worth doing comes easy. Don’t wish for easy. Easy is the Kool-Aid being served to the masses. There will be many times where you’ll be impatient and tired. All ultimate performers and super achievers feel this (including me), but when you want it badly enough, you’ll continue. When you’re clear on who you are and why you’re here – you won’t quit. The choice will have been made.

It’s in the struggle, not only externally but internally, that potential greatness is born.

So how bad do you want it?
Are you committed to doing whatever it takes?