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True leadership begins with the mental toughness and emotional strength to lead your own life first, to achieve both personal and business goals.



Great  Entrepreneurs  Will  Always  Have  Challenges…

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James coaches a limited number of entrepreneurs in all areas of life to build their personal and business resilience. For many this takes the form of business goals and for others it’s a harmony of personal and business worlds. If you are interested and in need of James’ assistance please apply below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Build Greatness

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Around the world, all types of entrepreneurs  have been inspired by James Arthur Ray. Hear from clients 
of James’ couching, consulting, and other events.

My income grew 300% in 3 years.

Money has not lost its importance to me but it’s not such a struggle.

I’ve come to clarity on my objectives and I’ve seen them come to fruition in a vey short time.

I’ve learned to embrace the ugly stuff of life because I know right behind that there’s something great coming.


James has dedicated his life to help influential individuals build the personal resilience to survive the obstacles that life will inevitably throw at them.


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